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Home Smudging Kit

Home Smudging Kit


This therapy in the box kit contains everything you need to cleanse your home or office.

Smudging is an ancient ritual used to purify and cleanse a person, object, place or space of any unwanted, lingering negative vibrations by burning various different herbs, woods or incense. Traditionally the purifying smoke bath is fanned over the person, object or space using your hand or the underside of a bird feather.

  • How to information sheet
  • Large feather 
  • 4inch White Sage 
  • 2x 4inch Palo Santa Sticks 
  • Tea Light 
  • Abalone Shell
  • Natural Dried Lavender 
  • Selenite: aura cleansing, clarity, unblocks and absorbs negativity, peace, telepathy, spiritual guidance

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