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Hot Yoga Towel


Myga Hot Yoga Towel for Yoga Mat - Eco Friendly Travel Non Slip Towel for Bikram, Ashtanga, Pilates and Yoga - Hygienic, Gripped Back, Quick Dry and Sweat Absorbing

  • HYGIENIC - The Myga Yoga Towel helps you avoid using the standard studio mats which can carry dangerous levels of germs and bacteria. Simply lay the towel over the yoga mat.
  • NON-SLIP - Spread the Myga Yoga Towel on top of the yoga mat for a slip resistant surface which will absorb sweat and help with your grip and balance.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - The lightweight design makes this Myga Yoga Towel an ideal travel partner which you can carry to and from your yoga classes with ease.
  • IDEAL SIZE - Our yoga towel can be used with yoga mats up to 173cm long and can be used for all different types of yoga including hot yoga, bikram and ashtanga.
  • GRIPPED BACK - We have a Gripped Rubber Backing on our Myga Yoga Towel that makes the yoga towel anti skid and safe to use during yoga and pilates.

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